Kansas City Musical Club
organized to stimulate, encourage, and acquire a broader knowledge of music and musical literature
  Michelle Sweeten, Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences
(music supplies for 140 students 8-12 grades) 
Michelle Sweeten, Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences
(summer music camp assistance) 
Darrell Willson, Rushville Elementary School 
(Choral riser for 150 students, K- 6th grades)
Dennis Creason, Oaklawn Christian School 
(Rogue Ukulele Starter Pack and teaching materials, ages 5 – 17)
Tiffany Peterson, Academia de Ninos
(toward purchase of digital piano for classroom, 120 kindergarten and first grade students)
Tim Peterson, Gordon Parks Elementary
(sound system amplifier, 240 students, ages 5 – 11)
Questions?  Call 913-384-5340 or contact chris.evans.hands@gmail.com