Kansas City Musical Club
organized to stimulate, encourage, and acquire a broader knowledge of music and musical literature
  Scott Foppiano, St. Vincent’s Academy, KC MO
 (toward video and other choir expenses for The Boys Choir of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church,  grades 3 through 12)
Steve Fleming, Gordon Parks Elementary School, KC MO, 
(purchase new music for 114 students, K through 3rd grade)
Laura Schultz, Northeast Community Center, KC MO, 
(28 students ages 5-18 – Harmony Project KC)

Integrated Arts Resource Center, KCK Public Schools, District 500  
·        Leayn Losh, Rosedale Middle School
(toward expenses for the annual musical, 40 students)
Eli Jones, Eisenhower Middle School 
(toward purchase of choir uniforms and accessories, 190 students)
Leayn Losh and Eli Jones, Eisenhower Middle School 
(Voices of Change (KCK Young Men’s Choir), 25 students from throughout the district and beyond)
Beth Edmonds, Eisenhower Middle School 
(toward expenses for fall musical “Lion King, Jr”, 60-70 students)
Bronwyn Rinerson, Woodwind Specialist
(double reeds for 34 new instrumental students)
Don Rogers, Brass Specialist 
(toward purchase of solo and ensemble music)

Questions?  Call 913-384-5340 or contact chris.evans.hands@gmail.com